Family Mediation Manitoba (FMM) has the privilege of having Alia on the Board of Directors for three years, and one year as Vice-President.  In those years, I have seen Alia commit herself to promoting mediation within the organization, her workplace, and in the community.

She is passionate about her children and her family, she is devoted to her children’s education and involvement in their school, religious and cultural communities. Alia demonstrates empathy, warmth, kindness and approachability.

Lisa Huberdeau

President, Family Mediation Manitoba (FMM)

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Alia through our work together on the Bairdmore Advisory Council. The Bairdmore Advisory Council, or BAC, is the parent council at Bairdmore Elementary School, where our children attend. Since I began my work with the BAC in September 2016, Alia has faithfully served as its secretary. Last year, when I served as chair of the BAC, I appreciated Alia’s support throughout the year, from her regular attendance at our meetings to her steadfast service as our secretary, including her unique insight into the issues and challenges we faced as a parent council.

Alia’s role in organizing our Grade 6 farewell event in June 2018 was greatly appreciated by the entire school community. Given her training, talents and commitment to our community, I have no hesitation in supporting Alia as a Pembina Trails School Trustee.

Melanie Bueckert

Chair, Bairdmore Advisory Council

Having worked with Alia in the field of dispute resolution, I know her to be committed to a vision of respect and progressive engagement in all her interactions. Her sensitivity and intuitive empathy help her to encourage positive change in her clients – and everyone she works with.

Her understanding of current issues in Pembina Trails (Winnipeg) and within Manitoba’s education community comes, in part, from her experience in having her children educated in the public school system. Alia’s passion and commitment for a better way, make her a valuable addition to any agency involved with social issues, and in particular will make her an excellent school trustee.

Erwin Warkentin

Former Executive Director, Mediation Services

Alia has excellent organisational skills and a consistent and passionate dedication to providing programming for the betterment of not only her own children, but all children in her community. She has had an active role in planning and running many children’s activities including summer youth camps, both girls’ and boys’ youth groups, and summer carnivals. Alia is always the first one to take on a leading role in organising activities for the children in her community.

Safiya Thiessen

Long time friend / co-worker

We’ve known Alia Harb and her family for 13 years. They were the first friends we made in Winnipeg and we are very excited for her and for her family to be doing this. Alia will bring her local Winnipeg upbringing and global diverse outlook to a school division that is looking more and more like a microcosm of the globe. I’ve worked with Alia on many community projects and she is a seasoned community activist and organizer who is taking her community work to the next level!

Idris El Bakri

Former President , Manitoba Islamic Association

I first met Alia when I moved to Winnipeg six years ago. Alia organized and ran a Girls Club which my daughter participated in. I was impressed by the way Alia mentored the girls, instilling in them values of volunteerism, leadership and tolerance. In spite of her busy schedule and family commitments she always took the time to step up when volunteers were needed. Alia’s strength is her own diverse background, her training as a mediator and her roots in Winnipeg. These allow her to bring a unique skill set to the table. Her work with newcomers and youth – helping them navigate Canada and the culture provides her with experience few have. Alia will go the extra mile always.

Tasneem Vali

Office Manager - Manitoba Islamic Association / Co District Commissioner - University District , Girl Guides of Canada (2017-18)