My Goals

I’m committed to …

  • Ensuring the voices of children, parents, teachers  and community voices are heard in the decision making process.
  • Supporting our children, parents and school needs.
  • Fiscal responsibility  with your tax dollars.
  • Collaborating with all levels of government to ensure that the needs of students and schools are addressed.
  • Supporting the professional development needs of  teachers and school administrators.
  • Providing easy access to school resources for parents and community.
  • Supporting the student learning outcomes set out by Pembina Trails School Division.


Working towards…

Diversity is about perspectives gained through experiences. Adequate community representation on a board level means taking innovation, problem solving and development to another level through unique experiences and knowledge.  I will work hard to bring the voices and needs of children, parents and schools to all decisions made at the board.

Collaboration. Communities and their members are interdependent on one another. Success is achieved through collaboration. Having the experience of a mediator enables me to engage in dialogue and work with all key stakeholders.

Innovation is created  through the diverse input of many stakeholders: children, guardians, teachers and administration Innovation is key to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world and to ensure effective management of taxpayers dollars.

Community Consensus Building

Waverly west is the fastest growing area in the city. As new families move into the area it’s important to keep everyone engaged in conversation about how this impacts our children, family, schools and taxpayers. With the announcement of two new schools being built, I look forward to working on this project with the community, government and board. I hope to create ongoing community engagement by,

  • Attending parent association meetings.
  • Holding public forums for the community.
  • Providing online surveys.
  • Communicating through social media platforms.

Basically, I will be available to you and accountable to you!

Pembina Trails School Division 3 Expectations of Student Learning

PembinaTrails school division set out expectations in which highlight objectives of how the division will support student learning.

  1. All students in Pembina Trails will be personally and intellectually engaged in their learning at school.
  2. By the end of Grade 8, all students will meet the provincial curricular standards in literacy and numeracy, allowing them the greatest possibility for success in high school.
  3. All students in Pembina Trails will graduate from high school.

I am committed to ensuring these expectations are upheld.

Fiscally Responsible

As school trustee, the responsibility to support schools by providing adequate programming for the division is an important task. That is accomplished through careful consideration by setting the budget for the division. Once the  province provides the funding to the division and the board considers both provincial and municipal funding received, the board than sets the school years finances. It’s important for the board to represent the interests of all the community  by balancing the needs of students, teachers and tax payers.

As a homeowner and parent providing the best education and home is important. I’m not for raising taxes and I’m not for cutting programming for students. As a mediator; balancing of interests and needs for multiple stakeholders is something I’m confident I can ensure our taxpayers.