“I am the proud mother of three children, one girl and two boys, who attend schools in Pembina Trails.

I am running for school trustee  because I want to champion the development of our children, and make it the central guiding principle of decision making at the school board.  In our children, I see tomorrow’s teachers, parents, philanthropists, professionals and leaders. I am running to ensure that the Pembina Trails School division delivers its services with a “children first” mindset, ensuring that we develop confident, compassionate and innovative adults that can lead our world tomorrow. I am committed to realizing this vision in partnership with parents, teachers and administrators.”

Schools in Ward 3

​École R.H.G Bonnycastle School
Arthur A. Leach Junior High
Chancellor School
Fort Richmond Collegiate
Acadia Junior High School
Dalhousie School
École St. Avila
Bairdmore School
Ryerson School
​École South Pointe School
Pembina Trails Alternative High School

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While so many of us struggle to find the words to express our sadness over the many lives lost in last week's horrific plane crash, 13-year-old Ryan — who lost his beloved father, Mansour — shows unbelievable poise in the face of extreme tragedy. We can all learn from Ryan.

MIIC would like to express its deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones as a result of the tragic plane crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 on Tuesday near Tehran.
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