“I am the proud mother of three children, one girl and two boys, who attend schools in Pembina Trails.

I am running for school trustee  because I want to champion the development of our children, and make it the central guiding principle of decision making at the school board.  In our children, I see tomorrow’s teachers, parents, philanthropists, professionals and leaders. I am running to ensure that the Pembina Trails School division delivers its services with a “children first” mindset, ensuring that we develop confident, compassionate and innovative adults that can lead our world tomorrow. I am committed to realizing this vision in partnership with parents, teachers and administrators.”

Schools in Ward 3

​École R.H.G Bonnycastle School
Arthur A. Leach Junior High
Chancellor School
Fort Richmond Collegiate
Acadia Junior High School
Dalhousie School
École St. Avila
Bairdmore School
Ryerson School
​École South Pointe School
Pembina Trails Alternative High School

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#settingintentions what will u do to bring out the best in you in your next #conflict ? How will u bring out the best in the other person?

This is a photo of the Edmonton Technical School Grade 8 class in 1931.

I've never stopped thinking about this photo and what life was like for Edward Bailey - the lone Black student in the class.

It's been years but I want to provide a wholesome update to this story.

These are our fellow Canadians who died at the hands of racism and xenophobia. After 3 years, my heart still breaks thinking of their families who live with the impact of that loss everyday.

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